Cuthbertson Quality

Our selection of raw materials and approach to processing ensure high quality skins and hides.


Years of expertise means we can identify premium sheep and cattle, and we have moved our operations to put us closer to the very best that are raised in Tasmania. Cuthbertson sources all skins and hides locally, and the northern Tasmanian cool climate and ample rainfall produce high quality leathers.

Tasmanian hides are generally known as the best in Australia – they are of the highest grade, come from the best breeds and are insect-free.


We are very proud of our tannery processes, which ensures that the locally sourced raw materials are processed to become the very finest hides and skins.

Our sheep and lamb skins are drum salted. They are generally clean, vegetation and seed free, and have no visible scarring. All hides are processed in a large brine raceway.

We produce the best of Australia’s cattle hides from European breeds, where branding is not compulsory. They have no cattle tick and are generally clean grain and dehorned or polled.

We have the highest quality production standards. Our trim ensures that tails are trimmed back with head, ears and lower lips removed. We have a reputation for the best double face skins in Australia, which means they can be used in footwear and other applications when you need high quality wool and visible leather.


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