Sheep and lamb skins

All our sheep and lambskins are delivered raw and immediately sorted, drumsalted and packaged for export.

Drumsalted skins

We receive raw skins immediately after slaughter from local meatworks, where we straight away classify all raw skins in the green sorting and trimming area. The initial stage is absolutely critical to the treatment process.

All green skins are spread flesh side up for classing. The classer scans and classifies the skins according to shape and the presence of knife flays, holes, rib and seed.

Skins are moved to agitators, then from there they are placed onto drum stills where they are left to cure for seven days using fresh fine stoved salt that is fortified with Boric Acid and Sodium Fluoride.

After this period, they are packed onto International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15) certified wooden pallets, destined for the export market.

Cuthbertson Brothers will class all our skins to customer specifications.

Packing: we load 18–20 pallets per 20 ft container.


Spring Lambs

Lambs are a 54’s + wool quality size 6 sq ft (average 7–8 sq ft)

Range: 1.5– 3”

Shorn Lambs

Range: 0.25–0.5”

Range: 0.5–2”

Range: 2” upwards


Sheep are 56’s + wool quality merino material size 7 sq ft (average 8–8.5 sq ft)

Range: B–0.25”

Range: 0.25–0.5”

Range: 0.5–1”

Range: 1–2”

Range: 2” upwards


46/54’s wool quality size 6.5 sq ft (average 8–8.5 sq ft)

Range: 0.5–1”

Range: 1” upwards

Standard Grades

1st Grade (sound)

2nd Grade

3rd Grade (damage)

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